Customers on the move

Stop money draining out of your business

As a Service Provider you invest enormous amounts of your time and money into sales and marketing efforts. You know it costs less to retain client versus the cost to win new ones.

SMART MOVE is an investment in customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Did you know that up to 15% of your customers are moving house every year, and whenever they do, you run the risk of losing contact with them. In addition your customers change their other contact details for all kinds of reasons.

Like most other companies, you have processes in place for your customers to register their change of details with you.

And those processes don’t come cheap.

You have contact centre scripts, web pages to monitor, mail to open and scan, data entry, systems integration – the costs mount up, but they’re still worth it because it would cost much more to replace your customers. But, when they move house, your customers may have as many as 20 companies like yours to notify. That means 20 times, and they have to repeat the same process, line up in queues at counters, fill out forms, wait on hold for a contact centre to become available. The customer experience is generally not a good one. Customer satisfaction levels fall, complaints rise, when grappling with the complexities of updating details. Make their move a SMART MOVE.

SMART MOVE allows your organisation to receive real-time notifications from customers wanting to update their details.

No expensive call centre staff or mail room management is required. SMART MOVE is the simplest and most cost-effective customer retention strategy available to your organisation today.

The challenge

Service Providers lose clients when they move

The existing processes for change notification satisfy the needs of the Service Provider – not the needs of their customers. As a result, millions of consumers become frustrated and do not invest the hours needed to update ALL their Service Providers.

This approach damages business relationships and can be equally harmful to consumers, evidenced by the late fees and fines for not complying with the rules.

The risks to Service Providers are significant, including:

  • loss of revenue
  • loss of customers
  • reputational damage
  • brand devaluation

How it works for you

Why You Need It

Here’s why you need our App working for you …..

  • save up to 85% of the cost to update your client database
  • stem revenue loss from ‘missing’ clients
  • retain customers who may otherwise stray to a competitor
  • avoid reputational damage from unhappy clients who may want to query billing, clarify a contract or product details or change a service plan
  • stop brand devaluation caused by client’s inability to update
What's In It For You

Here’s what’s in it for your business

  • simplified operational processes throughout your company
  • reduced complexity
  • ability for clients who are moving house, updating their phone or other contact details or updating their name and/or marital status to avoid call-centre queues, and communicate their updated details directly to all of their service providers, in one place, at one N time, with one touch
  • straightforward systems integration
  • upgrading your services to meet modern consumer behaviour
  • seriously reduced costs of maintaining customer records
  • improved customer experience & satisfaction and retention, by calling customers back at their convenience, rather than make them navigate through IVR systems, and wait in call-centre queues
  • visible support for customer loyalty/satisfaction programs
  • a better way of doing business, at a lower cost
What Do You Get

You get:

  • regular batch change notifications with complete reconciliation
  • assurance that SMART MOVE is secure to Australian banking standards
  • the option to accept system integration & automated data feeds
  • complete tracking and process viability
  • a standardised process for receiving updated consumer details
  • frictionless two-way communication between consumers and your business, built on top of an ‘opt-in’ 1:1 messaging platform
  • ability to reach clients with finely tuned, laser targeted marketing, special offer or promotional opportunities

The Service Provider solution


regular batch change notifications with complete reconciliation


complete tracking and process viability


secure to Australian banking standards


options for automated data feeds and system integration


targeted marketing opportunities

The Service Provider benefits

simplified operational processes throughout your company
reduced complexity
straightforward systems integration
upgrading your services to meet modern consumer behaviour
seriously reduced costs of updating customer records
an improved customer experience
support for customer loyalty and customer satisfaction programs
a better way of doing business, at a lower cost

Receiving new contact details for your customers has never been easier

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Coming Soon

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