the SMART MOVE vision

Become the global leader in Business 2 Consumer (B2C) and Consumer 2 Business (C2B) platform development by connecting consumers with their service providers to simplify the process of updating all their contact details – in one easy process!

Make your next move a SMART MOVE


Remove the major pain points for both consumers and service providers updating contact details simply and efficiently from a single source


Provide a consumer driven secure notification platform facilitating advice of changes to personal information directly to service providers


Swift, accurate and secure communication of essential changes in personal information performed securely and efficiently to deliver significant savings to both consumers and providers alike

the team behind the brand

Australia’s best collection of minds in process transformation

The team has invented, transformed and delivered many of Australia’s technically advanced customer communications solutions.
  • Australian electoral roll
  • Australian and New Zealand censuses
  • High volume billing for telcos, utilities, councils, government agencies
  • Examinations and online marking
  • Medical data capture and fulfilment
  • IPOs for large government and corporate businesses (GIO, CBA, Qantas and more)
  • Motor vehicle licensing and registrations
  • The Telstra-Optus Pre-selection ballot
  • Intelligent data capture that revolutionised IPO
  • Land Titles digitisation and access automation

Extensive Market Experience

core capabilities in high volume B2C process transformation
innovative technology, little competition, compelling value propositions and a low profitability threshold
low risk compared to alternative start-up ventures

why invest in SMART MOVE?

The SMART MOVE app has been developed for the benefit of users and service providers. A win – win solution for all parties is a great outcome.

Service providers currently face substantial and unavoidable business costs to manage and maintain accurate customer information. Customers on the other hand spend a significant amount of time trying to communicate with service providers to advise change of addresses and often give up out of sheer frustration after completing forms. Waiting on hold in phone or Office queues and dealing with privacy issues has become the norm. The Status Quo!

SMART MOVE provides the key, the solution, and the opportunity for investors to share in the generic growth of the company and the potential for personal investment growth.

the numbers tell the story


4.2 million Australians move location each year.


Each person is expected to have contact with up to 20 active Service providers.


Service providers are expected to be attracted to cost savings of up to 85% of their current costs, to obtain reliable and secure information direct from their own user base.


If only 10% of the people who change address, each notify just 5 out of the possible 20 service providers and they use the SMART MOVE,  the cost is just $1.90.


This would translate to approx. $4.0m in gross revenue.

and SMART Move is a success.

for more information about SMART MOVE and the opportunity to invest

Coming Soon

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