Finally, we have completed the latest version of our SMART MOVE® App which is now available for you to test again! 

Your invaluable feedback contributed a more user-friendly, more intuitive and ‘game-changing’ SMART MOVE® App solution. 

Our team has implemented a number of key technical refinements including: 

  • registration and new address now has the option to use Google Maps Look up 
  • new “Welcome Wizard” that explains the next steps 
  • Service Providers re-ordered so it is more intuitive 
  • simplified the options in Providers section 
  • added option to Send Notification to Service Provider immediately 
  • Service Provider search option can now filter by industry eg; telecommunications, banking etc. 
  • aesthetic adjustments to general look and feel based on testing feedback 

This next version adds more value to the App and includes a new feature for service providers to make a special offer directly to their clients. You’ll notice a blue bar on the right of the provider cards that have a “Special Offer”. It’s only a trial, and the offers are fictitious. 

Updating your app

The upgrade process is quite simple.

Android users

Simply open the Play Store app, then in the search bar type SMART MOVE App and click on our icon. There you will find a button to upgrade.

Apple users

Just open the TestFlight app used to install SMART MOVE in the first round of testing and there you will be able to upgrade the current app to the latest version.

We have a small support team that can assist you with any issues and you can register for help at our support portal

When Testing

To test some of the new features you will need to delete your old test information and start again. To delete your existing data on your phone simply:

  • Login to the app
  • Click on the setting icon on the top right corner
  • This will open the right sidebar menu and the third option is to Delete Account

This will remove the data from your exiting device and the next time you start the app you will be required to re-register.

Please DO NOT use your real customer information for this test. Simply input any numbers that you like, such as 123 456 7899 when you are prompted to enter your account/client number for the purpose of this test. You may select any service providers from the list, they don’t have to be your actual providers. 

Importantly, none of your details will be shared with service providers.

Your Feedback

Once you finished using the app please send us your feedback by filling this simple survey. With your help we can complete testing and prepare to launch SMART MOVE to the world! 

Once again, thank you for your time and valuable contribution to SMART MOVE.  

Coming Soon

The SMART MOVE App is almost there and will soon be landing in the store.  If you want to be notified when it is available please enter your email address.